2011-9-22 - v1.78
Added: View->Show Menu (CtrlAltM) (popup/context menu always remains)
Added: View->Cover Art Slideshow (= Change Art option (Alt+BkSp) every 6 seconds)
Added: Spacebar plays/pauses (Ctrl+P)
Added: Slideshows, Soundbites, TextReader
Added: Show/hide menubars for all tabs
Added: Dbl-click folder/filename topbars for Tags/Cover Art/TextReader = launch folder in Explorer
Added: Column-click sorting for all listviews
Added: File->Publish option for any loaded playlist, slideshow, textfile or combination thereof
Added: Ctrl+A (Select All) support for multi-select-enabled listviews (playlist, slideshow, soundbites)
Changed: View->Minimal retains splitter, file position
Changed: Build->One Playlist Per Folder also prompts to create portable playlists in media folders
Changed: Alt+Del confirms file deletion of highlighted track
Changed: Ctrl+S = Stop (stops everything)
Changed: pbonceonly replaced with file-based queue (*.que in app dir; contents = any legal param per line)
Changed: bookmark file format (.fbm); old format still readable
Changed: FixPlaylist() rejects entirely missing playlists (use New to recreate); eliminates unfound tracks within m3u if found (again, use New if tracks weren't deliberately removed).
Fixed: File->Sample menu item gets checked or unchecked
Fixed: status bar panels 0 and 1 get correct length
Fixed: Win7 user path restored to \users\curruser\My Documents\ (pass /approot to use FAR's run-folder instead)

2011-5-15 - v1.77
Added: View->NormalRelocate (CtrlAlt+N)
Added: add'l formats for external FIV viewer (FAR itself remains jpg-only) - jpg,gif,wmf,bmp,ico
Fixed: Tags->Rename option zero-pads Track# for accurate sorting
Fixed: bookmarking <=5s into a file always pointed to first playlist entry
Fixed: OS-passed pathless .m3u playlists launch correctly

2011-5-11 - v1.76
Fixed: using File->Sample turns off sampling if sampling is already active
Fixed: error saving tags

2011-5-9 - v1.75
Added: File->Sample (Jukebox with randomly-selected 12-second segments)
Added: View->Floating Art (CtrlAltF) - displays actual resolution vs. full-screen stretch mode
Added: View->Dynamic Wallpaper
Added: Prompt to set wallpaper when double-clicking image name in FIV
Changed: Subwindows now in tabbed control; redundant Tags button removed; image-clicking changes art in Normal view

2011-5-5 - v1.74
Added: global hotkey Ctrl+F12 (or pass /hk# where # is 1 - 12)
Added: Alt+Enter (Full Screen Art)
Added: Alt+Delete (Stop)
Added: Build->Populate Durations (add track durations to Comment tags)
Added: Build->Make Portable Playlists (copies existing playlists to a selected folder, removing volume references)
Changed: View->Normal doesn't reload window coords
Changed: generic MCI error replaced with offending MP3 filename
Changed: Build/other processes allow wma,wav,midi (tags unsupported)
Fixed: accept portable playlists (relative paths prefixed with playlist file's path)
Fixed: FIV accepts dragged files and folders
Fixed: FIV accepts command-line params (single file or folder)
Note: FIV isn't suitable for image dimensions over 2k x 2k

2011-5-01 - v1.73
Fixed: status bar height auto-scales per text height
Fixed: Jukebox option hangs if all playlist files point to invalid mp3's
Fixed: Bookmark* and Jukebox* playlists ignored by Jukebox option
Fixed: Enter key in Playlist listview does something update active playlist index & play selected track
Changed: track duration auto-populates to Comment tag + updated in listview - both only if enabled
Added: option Playlists->Edit->Add Duration to Comment initial default = unchecked
Added: option Tags->PasteToAll->tag (a way to paste the system clipboard to all selected tracks for a particular tag)
Added: option Track->Find Current highlight paused or playing track in listview

2011-4-27 - v1.72
Added: View menu
Added: Save++ button extends all tags (Save+ is limited to Artist, Album, Genre and Year)
Added: Previous/Next Playlist (<<< / >>>) buttons added
Added: File-based parms for FIV / FIC
Added: Tag-based dir/file renaming
Fixed: bookmark creation ensures playlist creation (if queue has more than one track but playlist was never saved)
Fixed: .ini values properly update
Fixed: Find/Find Next work outside of playlist view
Changed: Build version of image collecting made external (FIC)
Changed: Splash screen suppressed if no params passed

2011-4-23 - v1.71
Added: Playlists->Edit->Resequence Track# option
Added: Playlists->Previous/Next Playlist (CtrlE / CtrlY)
Added: Autosave.m3u bookmark
Added: External image viewer option (FIV)
Changed: Thumb graduates to view/preview
Fixed: Shuffle is much quicker for lengthy playlists
Fixed: various issues with Build version of cover art
Abandoned: WinExp-opening multiple files...

2011-4-19 - v1.7
Fixed: image view splitter could render panel inaccessible if sized to zero
Fixed: display images after collecting if in playlist view + no file playing
Added: Del key = Remove, Ins = Add in playlist view
Added: LibriVox URL
Added: window position preserved
Changed: thumb relocated for better window resizing
Changed: dropped last statusbar panel

2011-4-17 - v1.6
Fixed: "list index" error deleting last folder pic
Changed: images listbox to listview, jpg dimensions added
Added: Google lookup for selected Artist + Album

2011-4-15 - v1.5
Added: track folder images list / move, copy, rename, delete cover art
Fixed: "cannot focus" errors clicking MoveUp in Image view, etc.
Fixed: 'Create tag-based folders?' option errored from untrimmed tag strings

2011-4-14 - v1.4
Added popup menu
Added splash screen for extra long load times (eq, when passing parameter of a large playlist or base folder of complex directory structure)
Added current-track Cover Art option (requires Artist/Album tags for highlighted listview entry)
Added Get Cover Art build option (operates on playlists)
Added thumb image (click to zoom and click zoomed image to change; Del will confirm .jpg delete if zoomed image is visible); jpg's expected in playing file's folder (with *.mp3 files)
Added spin buttons to Track edit
Added Esc to leave tag editing or image viewing and redisplay tracks
Added Copy option: copy playlist files and pathless playlist to folder or drive-mapped player
Added: .rtf manual / documentation
Changed: Shuffle also resets PlayIndex and restarts playlist
Fixed: startup volume correctly set
Fixed: Accept multiple files with Playlist->Load option
Fixed: Build option distinguishes between audiobooks and music; jukebox only uses music
Fixed: Allow user to locate missing track files in a playlist
Fixed: Browsed-for missing playlist in bookmark files didn't display after user repointed to new location
Fixed: Open button had incorrect tab order
Fixed: tag editing works better with concurrent operations (track changes, SavePlus highlight preserving, etc)
Pending: WinExp-opening multiple files breaks due to PBOnceOnly param-passing error [junk at trunced end of WM_CopyMessage string)

2011-4-8 - v1.3
Jukebox feature added (99 random tracks from all playlists)
Save is default button on Tags panel (Enter/Return = click)
Status bar auto-resizes with form
Listview gets focus after starting media
Tag Track edit ignores non-digits
Tag Title edit chops out '.mp3' if pasted in
All tag fields get trimmed of leading and trailing blanks
Fixed: Genre list sorted
Fixed: could update wrong listview entry when tag-editing if track changed (file tags were ok)

2011-4-6 - v1.2
Fixed: scroll-to-view starting bookmark track in addition to highlighting it
Fixed: allow Browse-For on a bookmark's missing playlist; update bookmark file (same behavior as for missing media file)

2011-4-4 - v1.1
Converted Genre text edit to drop-down list
Fixed: unexpected loss of listview entries caused errors
Fixed: some residual non-referenced code removed
Added: option to build one playlist per folder
Fixed: nested menu items for Remove & Shuffle did nothing
Fixed: removed conflicting Ctrl+S Stop accelerator

2011-4-2 - v1.0
Released v1.0 - http://freeaudioreader.codeplex.com

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